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The constant strive towards further developments in the field of alternative fuels is a part of our culture at Lechtenberg & Partner. As a further contribution to achieve the pursued developments, we gladly present our free Co-Processing Magazine. A magazine designed to provide all industries involved with alternative fuels with the latest updates, market reports and new technologies in the field of alternative fuels from all around the world.



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MVW Lechtenberg is taking the next step to push forward alternative fuels use. In cooperation with Nehlsen AG, one of the five biggest German waste management companies, we are proud to announce the first “Blue River Recycling” plant for the production of high-caloric alternative fuel pellets. Read more about the project in edition 02/20 of the Co-Processing Magazine. We furthermore report on quality management for alternative fuels in an exclusive excerpt from our Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook among other articles, as well as news from the global alternative fuels communities.


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Whether or not alternative fuel use will lead to a sustainable outcome greatly depends on the kinds and sources of fuels used. Therefore, in 03/20 of the Co-Processing Magazine, Dirk Lechtenberg provides insight into possible downsides of using biomass as alternative fuel. You will furthermore read an exclusive excerpt from the “Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook”: To give an example of the different specifications and parameters that need to be considered when implementing alternative fuels at your cement plant, we have included a fact sheet about "rice husk". Amongst other articles and industry news, we furthermore take a closer look at the current RDF market in South Africa, with a case study by Aeren Young from Interwaste


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Edition 4/20 of the Co-Processing Magazine comes to you with, amongst others, a report on the first RDF plant which has recently been installed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, insights into which success factors drive sustainability projects, and an overview of greenhouse gasses - since there is more to the story than just CO2. Find more articles and news from the alternative fuels industry inside the 10th edition.



The first quarter of 2020 has mainly been shaped by the outbreak of Covid-19. While this is a challenging period in every aspect of our lives, it is also a chance to stand together. Fear and panic do not serve any purpose. Our common goal remains to “flatten the curve”.

Aside from the personal consequences of the virus, it will also affect different aspects of the alternative fuels and cement industry. In edition 01/20 of the Co-Processing Magazine, we give an overview of different parts of the industry that will most likely be impacted by Covid-19. Among other reports and articles, as well as news from the global alternative fuels communities, we provide you with an overview of the European RDF market. Additionally, you will find the project description of the 3rd AFA winner 2019 inside; PSCL, introducing their Waste Fuels Information Management System for Geocycle. We furthermore set a special focus on conveying technologies with a revised excerpt from our Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook.



When reflecting on this past decade's development of alternative fuels use worldwide, we can gladly see a positive change. Thus, in Co-Processing Magazine 04/19, we rank the top 10 global cement manufacturers according to their thermal substitution rates. This edition also comes to you with, amongst other topics, an approach to financial risk analysis by Dr. Hansjörg Diller. Additionally, you will read the project description “Waste Derived Fuel Implementation Case Study” from the 3rd Alternative Fuel Award 2018 winner Interwaste.



Co-Processing Magazine 03/19 comes to you with, amongst others, insights into emissions monitoring, permitting issues and permissions application, a recap of our 6th Alternative Fuels Symposium andnews from the global alternative fuels community. Additionally, you will read the project description “Alternative Fuel Case Study” from this year's Alternative Fuel Award winner Arabian Cement Company, Egypt.



This year's second edition of the Co-Processing Magazine provides you, among other selected articles, with an exclusive excerpt from the Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook. When using refuse derived fuels (RDF) in a cement or lime plant, usually, a new reception and storage system has to be built. Read more on the basic requirements and available technologies for the receipt and storage of RDF inside.


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This edition of the Co-Processing Magazine focusses, among other selected topics, on the use of agrofuels in the cement industry as an alternative to fossil fuels. Agrofuels are increasingly promoted by governments around the world, who introduce policies aiming at meeting the climate protection goals. Certainly a topic to watch, for which we report on prerequisites of use and social, environmental and economic impacts.


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In the second edition of the Co-Processing Magazine, we report, among other things, on the sampling of waste to determine how much refuse derived fuels can be produced from it. In addition to many news from the field of alternative fuels in the cement and lime industries, we also report on the use of alternative fuels in coal-fired power plants. Certainly a hot topic, as many coal-fired power plants will be shut down in the next few years in order to reach the CO₂ reduction targets of the state governments.


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In the first edition, you can find out more on the latest developments in alternative fuel markets in the worldwide cement industry through detailed country reports, receive insights on environmental regulations and emission limits in our Alternative Fuel Guide and be the first to receive updates on the programme of the upcoming Alternative Fuels Symposium in September.

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