Co-Processing Magazine 01/2024


After a year-long break, we're thrilled to present the highly anticipated first edition of our Co-processing Magazine for 2024.


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Co-Processing Magazine 03/2022


As the year 2022 is drawing to an end, a lot is happening in the cement, concrete, and alternative fuels industry with much conversation about the use of alternative fuels in cement production and particularly how to decarbonize the cement and concrete industry.


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MVW Lechtenberg & Partner Builds the First Refuse-Derived Fuel Production Plant in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Establishes a Subsidiary in Riyadh


MVW Lechtenberg & Partner has been active in Saudi Arabia since 2010 carrying out various consulting projects, including within the framework of the "Mandatory Efficiency Programme" of the Ministry of Environment.

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Workshop on the Practical Steps for Decarbonizing the Cement Industry


Cemtech Europe 2022 Training Course

In cooperation with Cemtech Europe and the world cement expert Dr. Michael Clark of Whitehopleman, we proudly present a joint technical training course titled Practical Steps for Decarbonizing Cement Production.

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Co-Processing Magazine 02/2022


The first half of the year was characterized by different events ranging from an increase in the prices of food items, coal, and natural gas joint with global rising security issues, recession, and climate crisis.

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Towards a Zero Waste Future in Israel


MVW Lechtenberg & Partner has been appointed as owner's engineer for the biggest mechanical and biological treatment plant in the Middle East.

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Blue River Recycling Ems


The first plant for the production of alternative fuel pellets is built in cooperation with Nehlsen AG.

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