The Alternative Fuel Trend

New interview published in ZKG International: "Alternative fuels coming on strong in the cement industry".

Dirk Lechtenberg has recently spoken to ZKG International about the current and future situation of alternative fuels as energy carriers for the cement sector.

Even though "the general trend is that nearly all cement plants all over the world are dealing intensively with the subject of alternative fuels (refuse-derived, solid/specified recovered, etc.)", some hurdles are still to be taken on the way to using alternative fuels.

"Most emerging and developing economies have no waste infrastructure whatsoever – with the possible exception of garbage collection. Such waste is dumped somewhere, but at such low cost that cement plants have little economic incentive to use the waste themselves."

But change is surely on the way: The last two years have seen an upward trend in the use of alternative fuels and numerous projects in the global cement industry suggest a further and massive increase in the near future.

To read more on the development of secondary fuel use in the cement industry in certain regions, incentives for using alternative fuels and recommendations for cement plants that are just beginning to deal with this topic, find the full interview on ZKG International.

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