About the symposium

"The 5th Alternative Fuels Symposium, organized in September 2018 by MVW Lechtenberg & Partner in Duisburg, can once again be justifiably described as a leading international event in the field of processing and utilization of alternative fuels, especially in the cement industry."

("Cement International", issue no. 2/2019)

This year, MVW Lechtenberg & Partner hosted the 6th Alternative Fuels Symposium. We have first launched the Symposium, as we saw an urgent need for change in the industry. The cement and related industries are responsible for almost a tenth of global CO2 emissions. Thus, they have the possibility to substantially improve their sustainability. One way this can be achieved is by increasing alternative fuels use in order to avoid fossil CO2 emissions.

In line with MVW Lechtenberg's principles, we wanted to create a forum for everyone in the industry who wants to contribute to the greater cause. Today, we are proud to see the Alternative Fuels Symposium become a leading event for information exchange and networking in the field of alternative fuels. With more than 100 international professionals and experts participating annually, we hope to see the Symposium grow each year, and thereby provide a fruitful platform for a sustainable future.

The topics covered include among others:

  • Case studies and first-hand experiences of cement producers on developing and operating succesful waste to fuel projects
  • Innovation and new technologies
  • Country reports
  • Drying and processing of refuse derived fuels
  • Hazardous waste processing into defined refuse derived fuels
  • Field trip


To get an impression about our previous symposiums, please have a look at our short recaps:

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