The programme of the 6th Alternative Fuel Symposium 23 - 26 September 2019 will be published soon.

The confirmed speakers so far are: 

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Database at the University of Ulm, Head of the Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing, a Member of the Club of Rome, Germany: “Globalization, Development, Climate - Navigation Through Stormy Water".
  • Hans-Joachim Walther, Waste Stream Management at Schwenk Zement KG, Germany: “Co-incineration of Sewage-Sludge in a Cement Plant”.
  • Florian Salzer, Plant Manager at Wietersdorfer & Peggauer Zement GmbH, Austria: “State-of-the-Art Technology in Emission Reduction – Experience Report from Wietersdorfer Cement Plant”. 
  • Arian Middleton, Supply Chain Engineer at EEW Energy from Waste GmbH, Germany: “Waste Incineration in the European Context Between Risks and Opportunities”. 
  • Dr. Arif Bashir, General Manager at DG Khan Cement, Pakistan: “Overview of the Cement Industry in Pakistan & DG Khan’s RDF Activities”.
  • Dimitrios Bakoulis, CEO at Antipollution S.A., Greece: “Alternative Fuels Market in Greece”. 
  • Jordan Mandalov, COO at GRIFFIN, Finland: “The United Arab Emirates Decree for the Use of Alternative Fuels – the First RDF Production in UAE”.
  • Konstantin Bojinov, Head of Geocycle Russia, Russia: "RDF Market in Russia".
  • RBM Tripathi, Unit Head at JK Cement Works, India: "AFR Journey up to 10% TSR Without Affecting the Quality and Production of Clinker".
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