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Co-Processing Magazine

The constant strive towards further developments in the field of alternative fuels is a part of our culture at Lechtenberg & Partner. As a further contribution to achieve the pursued developments, we gladly present our free Co-Processing Magazine. A magazine designed to provide all industries involved with alternative fuels with the latest updates, market reports and new technologies in the field of alternative fuels from all around the world.

After a year-long break, we're thrilled to present the highly anticipated first edition of our Co-processing Magazine for 2024.
As the year 2022 is drawing to an end, a lot is happening in the cement, concrete, and alternative fuels industry with much conversation about the use of alternative fuels in cement production and particularly how to decarbonize the cement and concrete industry.
The first half of the year was characterized by different events ranging from an increase in the prices of food items, coal, and natural gas joint with global rising security issues, recession, and climate crisis.
The first quarter of 2022 was dominated by an increase in the price of fossil fuels, especially in Europe as a result of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine which shows the importance of the use of alternative fuels in the industry.
We bring you this year the awaited second edition of our Co-Processing Magazine. We are pleased to report from selected topics, for instance the strategies to minimize the fire hazards in RDF production facilities.
This year's first edition of the Co-Processing Magazine comes to you with, amongst others, a report on the co-incineration of wind turbine blades, insights into global plastic waste arisings, and an overview of the first installation of a ThyssenKrupp prepol® SC-S at a riser duct kiln at Cementos Artigas in Minas, Uruguay.