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AFR Supply & Services

MVW Lechtenberg & Partner supports your alternative fuels project from beginning to end. We identify possible impacts of alternative fuels use, we study the potential environmental and financial outcomes and ensure in each individual case that the appropriate technology is identified and thereby achieve a sound basis for successful project development.
AFR Supply & Services

With rising fossil fuel prices and the obligation to reduce production costs, industrial producers need new future-oriented solutions. Being cheaper than fossil fuels, the traded quantities of high quality alternative fuels and raw materials (ARF) have increased significantly over the past year and AFR is becoming a commodity, which is traded under strict regulations and requirements, thus detailed knowledge and experience are required.

With MVW Lechtenberg & Partner as your partner your company profits from:

  • Supply chain development
  • All-in-one service for your TFS project
  • Cost reduction through outsourcing of services
  • Professional TFS mangement by our experienced team
  • Reliable logistic solutions with a variety of storage opportunities
  • Quality monitoring
  • Focus on your core business.

Regulatory framework

Most of the AFR is subject to the waste regime. This means even processed and defined segregated fractions of waste; industrial, commercial, constructional and demolition waste or municipal solid waste, have to meet specific waste regulations. Thus while purchasing AFR, various regulations, laws and control mechanisms have to be taken into consideration.

MVW Lechtenberg & Partner offers the required, detailed knowledge. We classify relevant waste codes according to EU and other relevant regulations and apply for the required transfrontier shipment permissions. We supervise and control all shipments in order to meet all legal requirements.


One of our great strengths as a service provider is our excellent international network of partners and affiliates in Europe and beyond. Together, we have developed an infrastructure which ensures reliable recovery and supply of materials for our customers. In certain parts of Europe the AFR production capacity still needs to be extended and in many other countries there is even a lack of local AFR sources. Hence, a continuous supply from abroad is a reasonable alternative to consider. Even in transcontinental connections sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics are the key to transport AFR. With economic multimodal solutions MVW Lechtenberg & Partner develops and utilises sustainable logistical chains using waterway, railway and road connections to reduce the environmental transport-related effects.

We ensure smooth and fast logistics for our customers, from transport to transshipment and storage. Whether by ship, truck or rail, MVW Lechtenberg & Partner cooperates with reputable logistics service providers and draws on years of experience in the handling of bulk materials. We have the know-how to move our products rapidly and reliably, as the efficient logistics chains are the key to success of every project at home and abroad. We know that our customers always expect to receive their products on time and in the required quality and quantity. Therefore we do everything to ensure their security of supply. 

At the Port in Papenburg MVW Lechtenberg is able to store up to 20.000 tonnes of specified, high calorific valuable refuse derived fuels. With such big permitted storage capacity, continuous acceptance and supply of material is guaranteed, even during winter or maintenance stoppages of the cement kilns. 

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