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Tyres as an alternative fuel

Magazine: Global Cement Magazine
Issue: March 2011

Scrap tyres are tyres that are no longer suitable or legal for their intended use due to damage, brittleness or low tread depth. By the time it is scrapped, a tyre generally loses around 20% of its weight. Tyres comprise natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, oil and various reinforcers.

The use of alternative fuels and raw material is common practice in the European cement industry. Dirk Lechtenberg gives an overview of scrap tyres as an alternative fuel in this excerpt from MVW Lechtenberg & Partner’s Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials Handbook. Due to be published in the summer of 2011, the handbook will give an insight into over 80 different types of alternative fuels and raw materials with detailed descriptions of the availability, common use and practice in the cement industry. This includes processing considerations, the influence on the environment, clinker production and the economics of the various alternative fuels…