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The constant strive towards further developments in the field of alternative fuels is a part of our culture at Lechtenberg & Partner. As a further contribution to achieve the pursued developments, we gladly present our free Co-Processing Magazine. A magazine designed to provide all industries involved with alternative fuels with the latest updates, market reports and new technologies in the field of alternative fuels from all around the world.


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Whether or not alternative fuel use will lead to a sustainable outcome greatly depends on the kinds and sources of fuels used. Therefore, in 03/20 of the Co-Processing Magazine, Dirk Lechtenberg provides insight into possible downsides of using biomass as alternative fuel. You will furthermore read an exclusive excerpt from the “Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook”: To give an example of the different specifications and parameters that need to be considered when implementing alternative fuels at your cement plant, we have included a fact sheet about "rice husk". Amongst other articles and industry news, we furthermore take a closer look at the current RDF market in South Africa, with a case study by Aeren Young from Interwaste

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