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Blue River Recycling Ems

The first plant for the production of alternative fuel pellets is built in cooperation with Nehlsen AG.
BERA Terminal in Papenburg, Germany
BERA Terminal in Papenburg, Germany | BERA GmbH & Co KG

Well-established partners come together: MVW Lechtenberg & Partner with more than 15 years of international experience in the AF industry and Nehlsen AG, one of the leading recycling companies in Northern Germany, jointly found the project company “Blue River Recycling Ems GmbH & Co KG” based in the port of Papenburg in order to produce climate-friendly alternative fuels.

The new plant with an investment value of around 12 million Euros is being built at BERA GmbH & Co.KG site in Papenburg. It will be put into operation in January 2021. The new concept and future plant operation will create 20 new jobs.

In the plant, previously unused, non-recyclable mixed plastics from the dual systems as well as industrial waste from the region are processed into high-calorific pellets, which are used as high-quality alternative fuels in energy-intensive industries, such as cement or steel plants. The advantages of pellets are clear: “By pelleting the waste materials, we can ensure a consistently high quality of the fuels. In addition, we save considerable amounts of CO2 emissions for sea transport due to the higher bulk weight. This also enables our customers to achieve their ambitious CO2 savings goals, ”said Dirk Lechtenberg and Holger Wedemann, Managing Directors of the newly founded company.

State-of-the-art sorting technology, fully automated quality control to monitor the consistently high, homogeneous and high calorific value of the pellets, as well as the environmentally friendly energy concept with its own combined heat and power unit for self-sufficient energy supply, make the new plant the most innovative of its kind. Its capacity will be around 100,000 tons of pellets annually.

“We look forward to working with our long-term partner, Nehlsen AG,” says Dirk Lechtenberg. Nehlsen CEO Oliver Groß adds: “With our cooperation, we pool extensive experience and know-how from two industries, bringing alternatives fuels use a step ahead!”

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